Survival’s Fundraising Program is a unique, safe and healthy way to meet your fundraising goals.

We know accidents happen. What we don’t know is when they will occur. Survival Emergency Solutions developed their range in response to personal tragedy, and millions of customers since have prepared their homes, workplace, vehicle, boats, caravans and adventure with a premium first aid kit.

Our Fundraising Program has grown from the need to provide a healthy and socially responsible way for groups to Fundraise. It is our hope that every person has the opportunity to be as best prepared as possible for an emergency.

We have developed our programs to be tailored to meet your fundraising needs and we are very happy to assist you along the way!

If 100 members of your club
each sold 1 Travel kit for $120
your club would raise $3035!

Follow the simple steps below and let’s save lives together!

Step 1: Fill out our Application Form

We need some basic information about your group to personally assist you with your Fundraiser. Once your group is set up, a member of our team will be in touch and to get sample kits to you in time for your fundraiser.

Step 2: Design your Fundraiser

Using our Fundraiser Designer, determine how many and of which type of kit you’d like to sell.

It’s as easy as entering in your fundraising goal and the number of kits you expect to sell. Our tool will give you the optimum number of kits to order and a recommended Sell Price to reach your goal.

Step 3: Choose how you will run your fundraiser and Order Kits

Purchase Kits Upfront: Place an order for as many kits you think you will sell at your fundraiser. There will be an option to pay upfront (best price) or on consignment.

Take Orders: Receive up to 3 sample kits for FREE and go take customer orders. {insert Seller Order Form}. On completion of your fundraiser, place an order for the kits your customers have purchased.

Step 4: Run your Fundraiser

Download our free marketing materials to conduct your fundraising and promotion. All forms can be customised with your organisation’s logo (just let us know if you need any help!). Spread the word, have fun and use our Tips for Fundraising with Survival’s First Aid KITs to give your fundraiser the best chance of success!

Fundraising FAQ's

How do I sign up for Survival’s Fundraising Program?

Fill out our Fundraising Application Form and a member of our team will be in touch to personally assist you with your fundraiser.

Can I have samples to show customers?

Yes. We can send up to 3 FREE sample kits to you in time for your fundraiser.

Do I order kits before or after our fundraiser?

You can do either. It can be beneficial to purchase kits in advance so that you can sell them at your event. Customers receive a kit in exchange for their money. The other option is to run your fundraiser using our free marketing materials and sample kits, then place an order for the kits your customer’s have purchased.

How do I estimate how many kits to sell?

We understand how difficult it is to estimate how many and of what type of kit to sell. Our Fundraiser Designer Tool will calculate the optimum number of kits to order and recommend a Sell Price for you to reach your fundraising goal.

Can I return unsold kits?

Yes providing they are unused and undamaged. Please contact to discuss returns.

How long will it take to receive my sample kits and order?

Check out our Delivery Information Page for a guideline of delivery time to your area.

How do I promote our Fundraiser?

Use our free brochures and video links to promote your fundraiser in newsletters, emails and on social media. Market the benefits of selling first aid kits over unhealthy foods and the need for every person to be safe and prepared in case of an emergency. {link to brochures and videos of kits}