We are thrilled that you have chosen to use Survival’s Fundraising Program and we’d like to give you some tips to ensure you reach your fundraising goal!

    • Order up to 3 sample kits for FREE and use them to train your participants and to carry around to show your customers.
    • Some successful fundraisers have purchased their kits in advance so they can sell them immediately at their event or door to door. Customers do like to get an immediate exchange of a kit for their money.
    • Put together a list of groups you’d like to target. Go beyond friends and family, and incorporate co-workers, gym buddies, neighbours, local businesses and sports clubs.
    • Keep your fundraiser short (2-4 weeks) with a specific end date.
    • Offer prizes and/or recognition for your participants that sell the greatest number of kits. Everyone loves a bit of friendly competition!
    • Communicate the purpose of the fundraiser to your participants. Explain how the money will be spent and how it will directly benefit them. Talk about who might want a first aid kit and show the layout, contents and quality of the kits/s. Ensure participants understand how the fundraiser works and how to collect the money.
    • A successful fundraiser needs great marketing and advertising. Advertising should get everyone excited about the event and interested in participating. Start your marketing campaign well in advance and include everyone in your kick-off message.
    • Market the benefits of selling first aid kits over unhealthy foods and your commitment to promoting healthy behaviours.
    • Demonstrate your desire to provide the opportunity for every person to be safe and prepared in case of an emergency. Advertise the need for customers to prepare their home, workplace, car, work vehicle, 4WD, boat, caravan and outdoor adventure with a quality first aid kit.

1. Host an Event

Pre-purchase a quantity of kits to sell at an event such as a fair, concert or sports carnival. Hold a dinner, movie screening, trivia night or karaoke contest where an entry ticket is to purchase a first aid kit.

2. Sales Quota

Participants could be required to sell a least one first aid kit. This will be a very easy sell to friends and family.

3. Newsletter

Promote the kits in your newsletter with a promotional flyer and order form. You can keep a sample kit in your office for viewing.

4. Social Media

This is a great way to get your fundraiser out there. Share your fundraiser using our free brochures and videos and encourage people to share it on their own profiles. {links to brochures and videos of kits}